Health and Environmental Crisis in Palestinian Refugee Camps

The occupation is depriving the Palestinians from water

The Social and Economic Policies Monitor (Al Marsad) stated that the Palestinian territories are witnessing a serious water crisis this summer. Due to the fact, that the occupation continues to follow this kind of practices within the frame of punitive policies against Palestinians. Many Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps are deprived from fresh water. Among those is al Jalazoun refugee camp, located less than 6 km away from Ramallah city, where water cuts lasted for more than two weeks. The same conditions are faced in the towns of Birzeit, Atarah, Deir Assoudan and other villages and towns. These ‘Israeli’ occupational practices will lead to health and environmental crisis in those areas

Al Marsad highlighted the fact that the Palestinian Authority and the water services providing companies have no plans to improve the level of justice in water distribution among the various residential communities, and that this year is considered to be the worst in this regards. The crisis has impacted tens of thousands of houses in the absence of any emergency plans. Not to mention the fact that the ‘Israeli’ company (Mikrot) – the company that is responsible for water supply networks maintenance- hasn’t done any maintenance of the broken pipelines since last year

Moreover, Al Marasd stressed that the Palestinian experts warnings must be taken seriously regarding the fact that ‘Israel’ fabricates the water crisis each year in many cities such as: Bethlehem, Hebron, Salfit, Ramallah surroundings, and Jerusalem neighborhoods outside of the wall in order to force the Palestinians in the future to purchase desalinated water instead of fresh water from ‘Israeli’ private companies. As the Palestinians are considered the main consumers of desalinated water; it is believed that the fabrication of the water crisis will guarantee the success of the ‘Israeli’ investments and companies working in the water desalination sector.  In the intervening time, the Occupation authorities guarantee the continuation of supplying the ‘Israeli’ settlements with fresh water. This situation is one of the severe outcomes of the “Red Sea – Dead Sea Canal” agreement, which the Palestinian Authority was forced to sign two years ago

Furthermore, Al Marsad emphasized that ‘Israel’ seeks to make the current water crisis more critical for 2.6 million Palestinians residing in the West Bank. It became clear that ‘Israeli’ settlements nourishment is realized through depriving the Palestinians of fresh water. For instance on the ongoing water injustice, the average water consumption rate of 2.6 million Palestinian residing in the West Bank equals the average water consumption of 10 thousand ‘Israeli’ settlers residing in the Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea

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