Call for Participation: Int’l Conference – Food Sovereignty…Colony and Frontiers

In the Palestinian context, the issue of food sovereignty is of great importance considering the Israeli military occupation that has full control over Palestinian natural resources, including land, water, and fisheries.
The dependence of the Palestinian economy on the Israeli market, instigated by the Paris Economic Protocol, gives rise to the imperativness of food sovereignty, as the Paris Protocol granted the Israeli occupation control over the Palestinian economy and the benefit of protecting its own market.

Given these facts, it has become vital to initiate a conversation about establishing the concept of food sovereignty in Palestine and the world as a concept that defies the backdrop of colonial and capitalist policies, serving as a substitute for the concept of food security, one that does not ad-equality resolve food insecurity in the region, but merely offers short-term interventions that address the economic and social situation. As such, this conference is a continuation of the previous conference held by the Social and Economic Policies Monitor (Al-Marsad) and UAWC last year entitled “Social Movements from the Streets to Podium”.

For more details, please download the following document:

Call for Particpation–Int’l Conference on Food Sovereignty..Colony and Frontiers

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