Palestine under Occupation: Is the 2030 Agenda for Development possible?


Two years have passed since the decision by the 90th session of the Palestinian Council of
Ministers, held on 19 February 2016, to form a national team to lead and coordinate national
efforts to implement the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, yet the
Palestinian government has not been able to realize tangible outcomes and results in this

The main obstacle to realizing these goals and targets is the colonial military
occupation that continues to abolish all means of development in Palestine, in
addition to ongoing land confiscation, continuous looting of Palestinians financial and
natural resources, West Bank fragmentation due to settler expansion and the Gaza
Strip blockade.

The Palestinian government has adopted the 2030 Agenda as a complementary tool instead of
a fundamental framework for Palestinian development planning and attempted to assimilate
it to the national policy agenda titled: “Citizens First” and other governmental strategies.
Still, the government’s efforts are perceived as reproducing the same policies and practices,
as there are no changes to the national developmental approaches, particularly regarding
employment and labour, social protection, progressive taxation, industrial and agricultural
development or public expenditure that are intended to contribute to poverty eradication,
reduced unemployment and greater equality. On the contrary, the government is taking
advantage of the political fragmentation to shrink civil society’s space and take control of the
judiciary, while partnering with the private sector in the name of Palestinian society.

This report reflects a critical view of Palestinian’s government implementation of the
sustainable development agenda and the structural challenges that the development process
under occupation. The report is based on consultations with a large number of civil society
organizations and trade unions.

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